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SPA & Wellness

Today, the beauty salon of Kyivska Russ Resort Medical & Spa is a perfect combination of a high level of services, modern equipment and materials from world manufacturers.

Aqua zone

Hotel with a swimming pool in Skhidnytsia

The hotel offers guests the opportunity to experience the benefits of swimming and visit the indoor and outdoor pool with jacuzzi with incredible mountain views. Swimming is a beautiful body, developed muscles and good health. Visiting the pool is a great pastime, emotional relief and fun!

Finnish sauna

After an actively spent day, for complete rest of the soul and body, we offer at your service a well-heated sauna. This procedure improves blood circulation, strengthens the cardiovascular system, and also reduces muscle tension, improving well-being. In the spa hotel in Skhidnytsia, it is used both for relaxation and for the prevention of diseases. It is perfectly combined with the pool and sports.

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SPA services

Facial beauty treatments

Cosmetic procedures for the face at Messena cosmetics (Italy). Professional skin care with
using premium-class means. Consultation of a cosmetologist, individual selection of treatment and
care products. Our spa complex in Skhidnytsia also offers modern safe equipment with
proven effectiveness.

Beauty salon of the hotel

Today, the beauty salon of Kyivska Russ Resort Medical & Spa is a perfect combination of a high level of services, modern equipment and materials from world manufacturers.
For our work we use cosmetics from Pevonia Botanika (USA), Algodermia (Italy), Spani (Ireland), Hydra Facial (USA).
The beauty salon of Kyivska Russ Resort Medical & Spa offers its clients a wide range of procedures!


The gym of our hotel is an ideal place for those who care about their health. It combines the latest sports technology and professionally selected programs. Among the novelties - Stepper Slim Fit Di Jean Klebert!

SPA tours

Spa tours at Skhidnytsia Hotel are an ideal opportunity to get rid of negative emotions, restore peace of mind and get a boost of energy for new achievements. The combination of clean rarefied mountain air, gentle sun and healing mineral water allows you to improve health, reduce stress and achieve visual rejuvenation of the body.

Pump room of mineral waters

The SPA-hotel has its own pumping station, which features mineral waters from springs No. 25, 10, 1, 3, 2C, 18C, 357, 21, 13. This location provides maximum comfort and benefit for customers. Modern equipment allows support
the optimal temperature of each type of mineral water, which helps to fully reveal its beneficial properties.

Why do you need spa procedures?

1. Natural cleansing of the body. Sauna, massage and cosmetology procedures in the spa center in Skhidnytsia increase the speed of fluid microcirculation and blood circulation in peripheral vessels. They help remove toxins and metabolic products. Thanks to this, the general state of health improves and immunity is strengthened.

2. Saturation of tissues with oxygen and nutrients. Rapid fluid circulation allows the skin, muscles and hair to absorb much more vitamins, minerals, proteins and amino acids. This contributes to visual rejuvenation, slows down the formation of wrinkles and increases the overall tone of the body. Similar procedures at the spa hotel in Skhidnytsia are recommended for people who lead an active lifestyle.

3. Improvement of psychological and emotional state. Another reason to visit a spa hotel in Skhidnytsia is relaxation. Our procedures improve well-being, relieve psychological stress and muscle tension. When you feel relaxed, you forget about everyday problems and adjust to the positive. This allows you to take a break from the routine and prepare for new achievements.

4. Prevention of diseases. Similar procedures in the Skhidnytsia spa center increase muscle tone and strengthen immunity, relieve stress and normalize metabolism. Thanks to this, the body better resists bacterial, viral and fungal infections. The probability of injury decreases, the level of activity increases, unpleasant sensations disappear.

What procedures will improve your well-being

● Healing massage;
● Manual therapy;
● Acupuncture (acupuncture);
● Lymphatic drainage;
● Computer traction;
● Therapeutic physical education;
● Ozone therapy;
● Hirudotherapy;
● Electrophoresis;
● Pressotherapy;
● Magnetotherapy;
● Electrosleep;
● Mud wraps;
● Phytobarrel;
● Speleotherapy.

What procedures and services are provided for an additional fee

The SPA center also offers the following services:

● massage;
● Phytobarrel;
● body wraps;
● SPA-capsule;
● infrared sauna;
● body scrub.

They will improve your well-being, strengthen immunity, and also increase the effectiveness of treatment and preventive programs.
"Kyivska Rus" is one of the few spa hotels in Skhidnytsia that has its own medical center. For an additional fee, you can undergo a comprehensive wellness program, which will include specialist consultation, professional diagnostics, treatment and rehabilitation. We offer Mayer therapy, which allows you to improve your health and achieve visual rejuvenation. This program will be useful for all people who want to be strong and beautiful.
When visiting us for a spa in Skhidnytsia, you can also order the following programs:
● detox-weight loss;
● aesthetic medicine;
● a specialized wellness complex for IT workers;
● cosmetology;
● general diagnosis.
To clarify what services are available to you in Skhidnytsia in a hotel with a spa, call us at the numbers listed in the section contacts Online. Our specialists will provide all the necessary consultations - they will tell you about the program of each procedure, its price and the peculiarities of preparation for it.

Why should you visit the SPA procedures in Kyivska Rus?

1. A wide selection of procedures and additional services. You can use the sauna, jacuzzi, outdoor or indoor swimming pool, visit the cosmetology office or order a massage. You also have access to a gym and a mineral water pump.
2. Modern medical center. In addition to the spa in Skhidnytsia, you can get diagnostic, treatment and rehabilitation services. "Kyivska Rus" specializes in problems of the musculoskeletal system, urinary tract, gastrointestinal tract and metabolism.
3. Polite qualified staff. We made sure that the rest in our hotel in Skhidnytsia resort left only pleasant memories and emotions. Our employees are attentive to the comfort, health and safety of all guests.
4. Ecologically clean region. The spa center is located in the foothills of the Carpathians on the territory of the Skhidnytsia resort. The rarefied air is filled with essential oils of coniferous trees and various herbs. The SPA center is far from big cities, industrial enterprises and major roads, so you can breathe freely in it.
5. Developed infrastructure. On the territory of the spa hotel there is a restaurant and a bar with a varied menu - from traditional Ukrainian dishes to high European cuisine. The sanatorium also has a children's room and a conference hall. And the area around the hotel complex is ideal for walks.
6. Entertainment for any season. In the summer, people come to the Carpathians for excursions and bike rides, and in the winter for skiing. Spring in Skhidnytsia is ideal for rest and recovery in the medical center, and autumn for hiking.

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