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The gym of our hotel is an ideal place for those who care about their health. It combines the latest sports technology and professionally selected programs. Among the novelties - Stepper Slim Fit Di Jean Klebert!


The basis of the hall are strength trainers and cardio equipment. We have all the conditions for the convenience of guests: the hall is equipped with modern air conditioning, ventilation and music.

We offer individual lessons with one of our trainers or individual lessons according to the program compiled by the instructor. When choosing individual classes with an instructor, a set of exercises is developed based on the tasks you set, you are constantly under the control of a professional, you will be offered the optimal combination of cardio and strength training.

The gym is open from 07:00 until 22:00.

His visit is included in the price.

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Heated pool

Part of the spa area is an indoor pool measuring 11x7 m and 1.5 m deep. The modern heating system maintains the water temperature at 28-29 degrees. There are comfortable sun loungers by the pool, where you can relax and unwind completely.


Restore balance after an active day will allow delicious and nutritious meals in our restaurant, which is located on the basis of the hotel complex, as you do not always want to leave a cozy and warm hotel for breakfast or dinner. Kyivska Russ Resort Medical & Spa offers a wide range of menus to choose from, which will be appreciated even by avid connoisseurs of delicious food.

SPA complex

For the time spent at Kyivska Russ Resort Medical & Spa to bring maximum positive emotions, you do not need to be limited to active recreation. After all, after such a day you just want to relax and unwind. We offer to visit our Spa, have a good time and at the same time benefit from health!

SPA tours

Spa tours in Kyivska Russ Resort Medical & Spa are a great opportunity to escape from everyday life and give yourself not only an unforgettable vacation, but also a feeling of relaxation that will stay with you for a long time!

Pump room of mineral waters

For the maximum convenience of guests in the hotel complex has its own pump room of mineral waters, which presents 9 popular sources: №25, №10, №1, №3, №2C, №18C, №357, №21, №13