Decor 19

One of the best secrets of rest vacation in the Carpathians! Winter is the same time as any time for adventure planning. Whether you want to escape the cold to relax by the sea, or you want the crunch of snow underfoot, this region is full of reasons to get out of the blanket and go outside, walk on snow-covered springs, among the ancient pines.
For everyone, this holiday is different: for some it is an opportunity to wear skis and sip hot cocoa in the house. Others can treat themselves to a trip to the Carpathian Switzerland, Tustan, trout without a crowd at the peak of the season. And even in the middle of winter you will not deny the healing power of our unique springs!
So, pack your bags and get off the couch. We look forward to a pleasant meeting at Kyivska Russ Resort Medical & Spa!