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Some arguments in favor of Kyivska Russ Resort Medical & Spa

1. Availability of 5 rates of accommodation, different according to the plan of food and services-adaptations for each guest, depending on the needs and style of rest.
2. Filling rates: a large list of services (hotels and medical center) that guests can use for free by choosing any rate
3. Availability of a varied diet and a choice of more than 5 types of menus: general, dietary, vegetarian, children's, individual detox menu
4. Hotel infrastructure: own pump room (9 sources), convenient schedule of spa, without breaks and restrictions on the time of visit, the schedule of the medical center (without weekends) allows you to provide services and start treatment by appointment before check-in, allows the guest can fully use the rest for treatment, without losing a single day.
5. Medical center: more than 10 areas of treatment, with the ability to individually select the course of treatment according to the needs of each guest
6 A complete list of all physiotherapeutic devices from the world's best manufacturers is gathered in one place
7. The only center where each direction of prevention and treatment has its own closed cycle of the patient's route with a guaranteed result. The guest has the opportunity to undergo a full detailed examination and rehabilitation, starting with tests (every day), ultrasound diagnosis and ending with a course of treatment with a positive result.

8. Constant supervision, supervision and correction of treatment by a doctor throughout the stay. Opportunity to receive first aid 24/7
9. All procedures are scheduled in time, taking into account the wishes of the guest with the possibility of correction, creates a comfortable stay and visit the procedures to avoid any expectations and queues, saving his time.
10. All examination results are stored in the medical database and the patient's card. At the time of departure, each guest receives additional treatment recommendations in the post-health period with the opportunity to consult a doctor without being in the hotel.
11. You can get all the results of examinations, doctors by e-mail
12. leisure: active recreation: spa, bicycles, Nordic walking, excursions, ATVs, yoga, cinema, billiards, evenings of live music, various tournaments
14. Individual approach to each guest: taking into account all the wishes, comments from booking, stay and until departure
14 Availability of loyalty program for regular guests
15. Guests who come only for relaxation can use the spa and spa packages (2-3 days), which include relaxing treatments for emotional and physical recovery

We will be glad to see you at the hotel!