Our phytobar invites you to relax in a cozy atmosphere, treat yourself to a cup of tea! The range includes tonic, vitamin, immunomodulatory, therapeutic (recommended by a doctor) and preventive herbal teas. Regular consumption of such drinks is an excellent prevention of many, including chronic, diseases. Phytotea literally means “tea from plants” (from the Greek. Phyton – a plant) and in composition is a plant collection. Flower petals, dried leaves, herbs, fruits, seeds and even bark are added to such teas. Being an exclusively natural product, herbal tea is very good for health.
Experts create fees, each of which gives the body a certain effect: there are, for example, normalize digestion or strengthen the immune system; some relax, others, on the contrary, invigorate. All fees are divided into preventive and curative. This means that herbal tea can be used both for prophylactic purposes and as a medicine. Of course, you should not expect an instant effect. You need regular consumption of this product or, as doctors say, a course of treatment.