COVID-19 has changed the world we are used to, and these changes will not disappear after the end of quarantine. One of the features of the new health care situation will be an increase in the number of patients with serious complications after Kovid’s transfer. In particular, in patients who were in the intensive care unit. Unfortunately, after leaving the hospital, such patients cannot be called completely healthy.
The specialists of our medical center have developed a new rehabilitation program for patients who have suffered Covid 19.
We are the only ones in Skhidnytsia and the region to offer a program developed in accordance with European standards and protocols for the rehabilitation of such patients and run it on the latest devices from world-renowned manufacturers.
Effective treatment and rehabilitation are necessary for complete recovery and maximum recovery after respiratory diseases.

Many patients with COVID-19 will experience one or more physical, cognitive, and psychological complaints:
• Impaired lung function: pulmonary fibrosis / decreased lung volume.
• Decreased respiratory muscle strength (inhalation and exhalation)
• Partial muscle atrophy – acquired muscle weakness as a result of prolonged inactivity
• Acquired polyneuropathy and / or myopathy associated with prolonged stay in intensive care
• Decreased aerobic and anaerobic endurance
• Joint pain
• General fatigue
• Restriction of daily activity
• Suppressed appetite
• Cognitive impairment: memory, concentration, motivation
• Anxiety and depression
• Post-traumatic stress disorder
• Post-Intensive Care Syndrome (PICS)

Thus, patients with COVID-19 need an intensive specialized rehabilitation program aimed at restoring normal activity, improving quality of life.