If you choose from the top hotels in the resort of Skhidnytsia, pay attention to the comfortable hotel Kievan Rus. This hotel rightfully occupies the top positions in the rankings, meets all the requirements that guests have for VIP hotels in general, as well as the concept of a top hotel in the Carpathians in Skhidnytsia – in particular.
A natural question arises: can a top hotel work without a spa and pool? Of course not! The VIP category from the list of top hotels in the Carpathian resort must include relaxation with a swimming pool and various spa treatments. To make your stay in Skhidnytsia unforgettable, choose the top hotel Kyivska Rus with a swimming pool and spa.
Holidays in the Carpathians combined with health and cultural leisure are the best things you can get for your family and children. The air in this area has health-improving properties, and the medical center of the Kievan Rus complex, equipped with modern equipment and medical technologies, will provide a full range of services and procedures to strengthen your health.

All procedures are performed under the supervision of qualified, experienced doctors.

The elegant, modern Kyivska Rus Hotel is located in the Carpathians, in Skhidnytsia, the most famous health resort in Western Ukraine. Rest and treatment in the Carpathians in Skhidnytsia differs from other resorts due to its unique nature and mineral waters with different healing properties. Kyivska Russ Resort Medical & Spa Hotel in Skhidnytsia will be able to create conditions for a wonderful holiday, combined with wellness, treatment and spa treatments. The main difference of the hotel is the personal approach to all its customers, of all ages. Important and qualified staff, happy to help resolve any issues, will try to make your stay in Skhidnytsia as comfortable as possible. The hotel rooms are equipped with everything you need, and the pleasant interior will help you enjoy your stay to the fullest. Kyivska Russ Resort Medical & Spa in the Carpathians, in Skhidnytsia, has a good infrastructure, which includes a treatment center, swimming pool, sauna and spa. It is perfect not only for recovery, but also for business conferences, family vacations or just a romantic weekend. Planning your vacation in the Carpathians and choosing a hotel in Skhidnytsia, stay at Kyivska Russ Resort Medical & Spa, immerse yourself in the world of comfort and beauty.