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Darts is an activity that requires exceptional physical training and excellent health. You can start playing at any age without restrictions. This game does not require expensive professional equipment and facilities, gym or stadium. All you need is a target and darts.

You can play darts not only indoors but also outdoors. Even in moderate winds, darts with metal elements will not fly anywhere. Regular darts will significantly improve your posture, coordination and visual acuity.

Billiards is a kind of synthesis of several sports - tennis, shooting, gymnastics and rhythmic gymnastics. Playing billiards allows you to perfectly relieve stress and fatigue, great rest. Billiards is a beautiful, intellectual and noble game, which in the process of development and improvement has acquired many varieties.

Billiards is one of the oldest games in the world. Indochina is probably the birthplace of billiards. According to another version, he was born in Egypt. This is evidenced by the images of players in the ball with sticks resembling a modern cue, in ancient frescoes and bas-reliefs.

Table tennis is a game that trains not only the body but also the brain. Some people consider playing tennis a holiday. But this is not the case. During the game you move a lot using your whole body, training your eyes, improving the coordination of your arms and legs, all parts of your brain are involved and working because you plan the game's strategy, tactics, and track balls and shots. This sport is not traumatic.

Table tennis is also the second most popular mass sport and the youngest major sport in the world. If you don't like tennis, then… you just haven't tried playing it yet. And it's true: ping pong is fun, simple and easy to play, this competition is to the liking of absolutely everyone who has ever picked up a racket.

Bicycle rental or hire is a very popular service. It works along with similar rental services of other vehicles. The main advantage of rental is the ability to use the thing, in our case on a bicycle, without purchasing it. Walks in the fresh air, mountain trails - just what you need!

Electric scooters are a very convenient, pleasant and environmentally friendly way to travel. If you have visited Skhidnytsia as a tourist - a walk on electric scooters on mountain trails guarantees you a good experience. Our electric scooters are in excellent technical condition and even the ability to ride alone with a child.