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The hotel offers guests the opportunity to experience the benefits of swimming and visit the indoor and outdoor pool with jacuzzi with incredible mountain views. Swimming is a beautiful body, developed muscles and good health. Visiting the pool is a great pastime, emotional relief and fun!


The hotel invites its guests to experience the benefits of swimming and visit the indoor and outdoor pools. The indoor pool is located on the ground floor of the hotel’s spa area. Has access to the Finnish sauna.

The hotel’s outdoor pool with jacuzzi will delight guests in summer. At your service use of sunbeds, towels. The waiters will be happy to treat you to your favorite drinks. The average depth of the pools is 1.5 meters. There is a smooth descent into the water for the convenience of the youngest guests of the hotel "Kyivska Russ Resort Medical & Spa"
For a comfortable stay in the pools there are instructors who provide guests with everything they need and ensure safety.

Swimming is one of the safest sports, as the pool can be practiced even by those who have problems with the spine or joints and the load in the gym for them is unacceptable. Swimming is good for overweight people and is a great alternative to strength training.

In the process of swimming, respiration becomes more frequent and deepens, respectively, the work of the cardiovascular system and lungs intensifies, the blood is saturated with oxygen and oxygen starvation of tissues is eliminated.

Exercise in the water lowers blood pressure, helping to treat hypertension, and is an excellent prevention of cardiovascular disease.

Swimming has been proven to be the best cure for insomnia. The person's attention and general emotional background increase.

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Heated pool

Part of the spa area is an indoor pool measuring 11x7 m and 1.5 m deep. The modern heating system maintains the water temperature at 28-29 degrees. By the pool there are comfortable sunbeds on which you can relax and completely relax.


Delicious and nutritious meals in our restaurant, which is located on the base of the hotel complex, will allow you to restore balance after an active day, because you don't always want to leave the cozy and warm hotel to have breakfast or dinner. Hotel Kyivska Russ Resort Medical&Spa offers a wide range of menus to choose from, which will be appreciated even by ardent connoisseurs of delicious dishes.

SPA complex

In order for the time spent at Kyivska Russ Resort Medical&Spa to bring maximum positive emotions, it is not necessary to be limited only to active rest. After such a day, you just want to relax and rest. We invite you to visit our Spa center, spend a pleasant time and at the same time get health benefits!

SPA tours

Spa tours at Kyivska Russ Resort Medical&Spa are a great opportunity to escape from everyday life and give yourself not only an unforgettable vacation, but also a feeling of relaxation that will stay with you for a long time!

Pump room of mineral waters

For the maximum convenience of guests, the hotel complex itself has its own mineral water pumping station, which features 9 popular springs: #25, #10, #1, #3, #2С, #18С, #357, #21, #13