SPA tour is a great opportunity to escape from everyday life, to replenish the body with new strength, to improve general well-being.
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MEN’S HEALTH WEEK Program – It is a wonderful escape from the accumulated fatigue, depression, the impact of an aggressive environment, ecology and hectic lifestyle of a big city dweller. SPA program for men improves blood supply, promotes cell renewal and regenerates the body. After a set of procedures, the body is saturated with useful trace elements and vitamins, the skin acquires the desired elasticity, resilience, tightness.

7 days
• Restoration of men’s health
• Improving skin tone
• Rejuvenation of the body
• Enrichment of the skin with useful elements
• Calming effect


Dedicate time to rest the body and soul. The program is suitable for women who know the true value of time and health. Experiment with different types of SPA-recreation and find the perfect one for you.

• reboot of the body
• recovery of strength and energy
• balance of body, mind and spirit


Tired of the daily rhythm of the metropolis? Then you need rest, which will restore the body in a short period of time. Express procedures are designed to model your body at a fast pace and improve all body processes!

3 days
• Regulation of metabolism
• Disappearance of excess weight
• Saturation of the body with trace elements and vitamins
• Strengthening the processes of regeneration of the body


“RE-ENERDGY WEEKEND” is designed for rapid recovery, toning, strengthening the body and filling it with energy. As a result, the skin becomes soft, silky and soft to the touch. Nutrient ingredients give strength, and aromatherapy sensations have a calming effect

2 days
• Rejuvenating effect
• Improving blood circulation
• Normalization of metabolism


The program is designed to restore harmony, improve mood and general well-being. A compliment from the institution for your comfortable rest!

2 days

• Improving general well-being
• Humidification,
• Express recovery


Dedicate a day of rest! Immerse yourself in the world of relaxation, aromatic spices. The procedure relaxes and restores the body’s balance.

1 day
• Skin toning
• Moisturizing the skin
• Relaxation and calming effect


A special set of procedures for pregnant women will help you relax, feel better and regain strength. With care for future mothers!

2 days
• Improving general well-being
• Humidification,
• Express recovery