Pools and Saunas

After an active day, for the complete relaxation of body and soul, we offer you a perfectly heated sauna.

Finnish sauna – useful for frequent colds and for cleaning the body from toxins and toxins. The sauna is also very relaxing, therefore it is indicated for fatigue and stress.

Infrared sauna – promotes effective heating of muscles, bones and joints, accelerates blood circulation and removes toxins from the body. Regular half-hour warming sessions reduce blood cholesterol levels, have a positive effect on the normalization of blood pressure, improve blood circulation and supply to organs.

If you want to feel full of vivacity and strength, and at the same time to get maximum pleasure, we recommend that you definitely use the sauna.

Enjoy Your Bath!


The «Kievska Russ Ressort Medical&Spa» invites its guests to experience the benefits of swimming and visit the indoor and outdoor pools. The indoor pool is located on the ground floor of the hotel within …