Take advantage of the excellent opportunity to enjoy drinks, unusual dishes or just have a snack at the restaurant of «Kievska Russ Ressort Medical&Spa» complex.

The restaurant of the Skhidnytsia hotel ” Kievska Russ Ressort Medical&Spa ” is unique in its design. It is made in a style typical of the heyday of the ancient Russian state.

Your attention will be presented to a wide assortment of dishes of Ukrainian cuisine, most of which are marked by a complex recipe and special combined methods of their preparation (for example, during the preparation of borscht, more than twenty constituent parts are used).

For gourmets, the restaurant menu includes dishes of European cuisine, and for connoisseurs of a healthy lifestyle and healthy eating, the complex’s nutritionists have developed a dietary menu, most of which are prepared using the sous-vide

For your comfort and convenience in the arsenal of our restaurant there are several types of menus.

  • General menu
  • Menu according to Mayr therapy
  • DETOX menu
  • Vegan menu
  • Vegetarian menu
  • Children’s menu
  • Diet menu

The hall of Kyivska Russ Resort Medical & Spa has its own special style and unique atmosphere and is ideal for both business meetings and corporate lunches or festive dinners.

Breakfasts partly “buffet” partly customized menu, lunch and dinner on the customized menu are held in the main hall, where you can appreciate the dishes of Ukrainian and European cuisine, enjoying the incredible view!

General menu

In general, you can find dishes typical of different regions of the country, which have maintained a balance between the number of meat and fish items. Guests are offered a large selection of first courses, side dishes, appetizers, main courses and pleasant desserts. The local gastronomic palette impresses with its diversity no less than the interior design of the hall, where it is always delicious, bright and cozy.

Nutrition according to Mayr therapy

Dr. Mayr’s therapy is based on cleansing the intestines of accumulated toxins and toxins, as well as resting the digestive system and the whole body. Unloading diet reduces stress and activates the peristalsis of the intestinal wall. It promotes natural cleansing and detoxification. Rest, rest, no stress, slow movements and moderate aerobic exercise create the conditions for regeneration and recovery of the intestine. Visceral massage of the abdominal cavity increases the therapeutic effect, improves blood circulation, promotes lymph outflow. In the process of treatment is learning important rules and principles of nutrition. Habits are developed that allow to keep the results of therapy.

Dietary food

It is a mandatory part of a comprehensive treatment. In some cases, diet is the main treatment, in others – the necessary, against which apply all other treatments.

The basis of dietary nutrition is the theory of balanced nutrition. Dietary nutrition is based on the principle of maximum balance of basic nutrients in the daily diet, taking into account the mechanisms of the disease and the state of the patient’s enzymatic systems. The therapeutic effect of dietary nutrition is provided by:

1) special selection of food products;

2) certain ratios between essential nutrients;

3) the appropriate technology of preparation of dietary dishes. For example, the exclusion of certain foods from the diet can significantly reduce the content of cholesterol, fats, sodium, sugar, and boiling meat and fish – the content of purines and extractives.

DETOX menu

The nutrition system includes a balanced and healthy diet consisting of fresh, high quality foods. Program participants will be able to enjoy not only healthy but also delicious and delicious food rich in vitamins, trace elements and antioxidants.

Individually selected by the doctor schemes of application of various mineral waters of the Skhidnytsya deposit on the Naftusya type;
Personal diet (gluten-free, vegetarian, fish), which is made individually after consultation with a nutritionist.

Children’s menu

Kyivska Russ Resort Medical & Spa is the most suitable for the whole family! In addition to the children’s room, board games, cyber club, children’s and culinary master classes, where it will be interesting and fun for both the youngest and adult children – we have developed a children’s menu!

Specially created by our chef for the most demanding little guests. The restaurant of the hotel complex will prepare exactly what little gourmets adore from the highest quality and freshest products. And children are treated to cheesecakes with honey, cheese casserole, dumplings with cherries, fragrant pancakes with syrup and sour cream.

Vegan menu

Recipes for vegan dishes, although simple, but they take into account not only the combination of products. Vegan recipes are made taking into account their nutritional value for the human body, which allows you to get saturated with all the substances necessary for a healthy life. It is only important to learn how to properly combine recipes for vegan dishes for every day.

Vegetarian menu

Vegetarian dishes and their recipes with photos are interesting not only to staunch opponents of food of animal origin, but also to all other people, because they are very useful for the body. A vegetarian menu can be a part of your life and the basis of your diet, and you may only use it a few times a month when you organize your unloading days. In any case, your cookbook must contain enough successful and easy vegetarian recipes of different levels. Those who are fond of raw food will also be interested in vegetarian food, which is prepared at a temperature (not higher than 46 degrees) to preserve all the valuable substances and vitamins in full.


The word sous-vide comes from French and literally means “under vacuum.” The name of the method immediately explains its essence: the product is placed in a special bag, from which air is pumped out. Then the bag with the product is placed in water heated to a certain temperature. The peculiarity of the sous-vide technology is that the dish is cooked for a relatively long time and at low temperatures – a maximum of 70-80 ° C.

The advantages of this method:

  • The product does not have contact with air, does not oxidize, which means that it retains the maximum taste and aroma.
  • During low-temperature processing, cell membranes are not destroyed: therefore, the dish turns out much juicier than if it were prepared by other methods
  • The correct selection of cooking duration and temperature makes the food soft and delicate.

So, ” sous-vide ” is a wonderful invention that makes food very healthy, juicy and tender. Yes, accurate calculation is very important here, but it is calculation with love: it helps to achieve the perfect taste.

In summer, the restaurant welcomes its guests on the summer terrace, where delight from the exquisite taste of dishes is harmoniously combined with the fresh air and unforgettable Carpathian landscapes.

On the second floor of the hotel “Kievska Russ Ressort Medical&Spa” there is a round-the-clock bar, which has a large selection of various cocktails and spirits, fine wines, fruit and vegetable freshes, and juices.

You can actively spend time with friends, playing Russian billiards, chatting or watching a TV program in a cozy atmosphere on the second level of the bar.

A special flavor and cozy atmosphere to our resort Skhidnytsia is given not only by an exquisite and varied cuisine, but also by a high level of service, the friendliness of the staff and an individual approach to the wishes of each visitor.

This is one of the reasons why our guests come back again and again!