Top – Hotel Kyivska Russ Resort Medical & Spa offers a wide range of opportunities for active recreation.

Scandinavian walking
This is a new but very popular type of fitness, now available to hotel guests. It is good that it can be done by people of any age. 90% of the muscles of the whole body are involved during walking, as a result they are effectively strengthened and developed.

Nordic walking is good for the heart and lungs, helps to correct posture, improves balance and coordination, helps in the fight against excess weight.

Additional hotel services:
• Bicycle rental
• Rental of electric scooters

Fitness area:
• Sauna;
• Indoor pool;
• Gym;
• Summer pool.

Active rest in the Carpathians can be as follows:
In summer:
• Bicycle rental
• Table tennis
• Picnic in nature
• Fishing
• Walking routes
• Hiking with a guide
• Excursions
• Aqua aerobics
• Pilates (pilates)
• Yoga
• Street billiards
• Street basketball