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At your service: yoga. pilates, meditation, water aerobics – try every type of fitness workout!

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YOGA – work with the physical body is associated with the art of comprehending inner harmony. Yoga comprehensively can improve health, well-being, self-esteem, get rid of insomnia and change your thinking. Yoga classes are your chance to keep your body in good physical and spiritual condition.

Exercises will help you to strengthen your back, make your body more flexible and enduring; normalize sleep; feel lightness in the body; strengthen the nervous system, work out the blocks in the body.

Fitness level, age and gender do not matter. You can start practice without basic knowledge, skills and abilities.

PILATES is a type of fitness called “mental fitness”, “intelligent body” and which refers to intellectual fitness. George Pilates’ system of exercises, aimed at improving the functioning of the musculoskeletal system, cardiovascular and lymphatic systems, strengthening the stabilizing muscles that hold the spine, to improve a sense of balance and your body in space, coordination, strength and muscular endurance, teaches you to move gracefully and beautiful.

Aqua aerobics is an effective water training program. All classes are accompanied by musical accompaniment, which makes the lessons emotional and vivid. Doing water aerobics means bringing your body closer to ideal shape, making it more beautiful and functional. Water aerobics classes are quite simple. They are suitable for everyone, regardless of gender, age and sports experience. Our professional trainers will find an approach to everyone – they will help you find the optimal level of load, make sure that you get not only results, but also pleasure from the process.