The «Kievska Russ Ressort Medical&Spa» invites its guests to experience the benefits of swimming and visit the indoor and outdoor pools.

The indoor pool is located on the ground floor of the hotel within the spa area. Has an exit to the Finnish sauna.

The on-site outdoor pool with jacuzzi will delight guests in summer. At your service the use of sun loungers, towels. The waiters will be happy to treat you to your favorite drinks.

The average depth of the pools is 1.5 meters. There is a smooth descent into the water for the convenience of the youngest guests of the Kievskaya Rus hotel.

For a comfortable stay in the pools, instructors work who provide guests with everything they need and guarantee safety.

Swimming is one of the safest sports, as even those who have problems with the spine or joints and the loads in the gym are unacceptable for them can go in the pool. Swimming is beneficial for overweight people and is an excellent alternative to strength training.

During the swim, breathing becomes more frequent and deeper, respectively, the work of the cardiovascular system and lungs increases, the blood is saturated with oxygen and oxygen starvation of tissues is eliminated.

Exercising in water lowers blood pressure, helping in the treatment of hypertension, and is an excellent prevention of heart and vascular diseases.

Swimming has been proven to be the best cure for insomnia. A person’s attention and general emotional background increases.