OxyGeneO + – A unique combination of 3 techniques for effective and comfortable skin rejuvenation and healing:

OxyGeneo® (carboxytherapy) – oxygenation of the skin from the inside, cleansing, enrichment with natural ingredients. The procedure is aimed at cleansing and smoothing the skin tone, to lighten it and give it a healthy glow. For this procedure, individual disposable nozzles and special gels are used, selected for each patient individually to achieve maximum results. When the ingredients of the gel interact with the nozzle, a large amount of carbon monoxide is released, which increases the intensity of blood circulation and the flow of oxygen to the skin from the inside. Increasing the concentration of oxygen accelerates cellular metabolism and absorption of cosmetics.
TriPollar® – instant skin tightening, even heating with three active RF electrodes. Gentle warming of the skin stimulates fibroblasts, which in turn carry out more active, natural production of collagen fibers. The course of procedures will provide effective smoothing of small wrinkles and will help not only to stop time, but also to return it back.
NeoMassage – myofascial hardware massage to stimulate lymph flow, reduce swelling and train facial muscles to maintain their tone. The surface area of ​​the skin after a set of OxyGeneo + procedures can sometimes be reduced by up to 20%, and this is a serious competition for plastic surgery to lift the face.

Carboxytherapy is the saturation of the skin with oxygen through the introduction of carbon dioxide (CO2). Upon entering the cells, carbon dioxide breaks down into carbon (C) and oxygen (O2). Carbon is absorbed by the body without any consequences. Oxygen, penetrating into the deeper layers of the skin, not only activates all metabolic and regenerative processes, but also stimulates collagen production. It is the lack of oxygen in the tissues that is the main factor in skin aging after 30 years.

The action occurs simultaneously in several directions, so the result is noticeable after the first procedure. Until recently, carboxytherapy necessarily involved injections. For those who are not ready to tolerate injections, we have good news! Now this effect can be obtained by injection, or rather by the transdermal method using the unique device OxyGeneo +.