Kinesitherapy (variants of the name – kinesiotherapy, kinesiotherapy, kinesiotherapy) or movement therapy is a direction of physical therapy, which involves the implementation of active and passive movements, certain exercises of therapeutic gymnastics and work on simulators to achieve a specific therapeutic result.

We will help you with:

  • back pain.
  • stretch the tendons, ligaments.
  • fractures.
  • injuries.
  • Diseases of the spine.
  • Diseases of the cardio, circulatory, vascular, respiratory systems.

Our physical therapy method is based on long-term experience and includes individual sessions with the patient on crossover simulators and guarantees a long-term effect. Proven therapies combined with customized exercise programs provide optimal results.

Our goal is to create conditions to optimize your body’s ability to heal itself.

The use of a modern method of treatment contributes to a faster recovery and return to an active lifestyle.

The advantages :

  • Safety of exercises under the supervision of a teacher
  • Relief from pain by natural restoration of the functions of the musculoskeletal system
  • Active interaction between therapist and patient
  • Without medication and surgery
  • Positive results are noticeable after 2-3 visits.

Treatment of pain in the spine and joints, backed up by many years of experience and outpatient practice, Rehabilitation kinesiotherapy is carried out without pills and surgery, provides effective rehabilitation and guarantees long-term results! The program of the kinesiotherapy course is drawn up by the doctor taking into account the diagnosis and pain symptoms. Sessions are conducted by a rehabilitation therapist who helps, controls, corrects the correctness of the program.