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The danger may be that stress and nerves make a person more hectic, irritable, conflicted. Such behavior can be threatening both for people in relative safety and for our loved ones who are now at the forefront.

In such a difficult period, we must remind ourselves that now you are the main person who has to make decisions on their own. This requires a good understanding of yourself and have an internal reliable support.

Therefore, it is important to find inner strength and understand your condition. To do this, you need to ask yourself some questions and follow certain steps.

How do I feel right now?

"Scan" your bodily sensations. You may have a tense neck or clenched jaws, tense other muscles, or excessive fuss. Try to relax and exhale.

Tighten and then relax all the muscles of the body. Take several deep breaths, hold the air and exhale for a long time. Repeat the exercise several times.

How do I feel now?

Try to describe your emotions. What is this emotion in appearance and where it manifests itself in the body.

For example: I am afraid that my loved one is in danger. This fear is tenacious, very prickly and cold. It is felt in the chest.

The main goal of the exercise is to understand your emotion, name it and remind yourself that it is only a part of you, so as not to let it completely absorb you.

How I react and what my actions are

Think about what actions this emotion leads to. For example: when I get unbearably scared, I start calling feverishly with various questions to hear the voice.

This will help us understand that we often seek reassurance and reassurance that all will be well. This is happening without realizing that we are endangering our relatives who are protecting our freedom.

How to react differently?

Realize that trying to get assurances that everything is fine is normal and natural. Everyone is scared at the moment of threat, and this is a completely logical reaction.

Think about who you can share this state with now. Who can support and understand. Maybe it's mom, boyfriend or girlfriend. It is necessary to share these experiences with them.

Techniques for self-regulation of the state


Cross your arms over your chest. Tap your shoulders and forearms with open palms in turn. Make 25-30 such movements.

Breathing squared

Inhale, hold your breath, exhale and hold your breath. Each step should take four seconds. Repeat the exercise 7-10 times.

Deep breathing

Take a deep, slow breath to lift your stomach. After that a short pause and a long long exhalation.

It is important that the exhale is longer than the inhale. It is necessary to repeat 6-9 times.


Describe what you see around you, say it out loud. Take a look so that as many things as possible come into view. You can group them by color and characteristics. It helps to enable thinking and orientation.

Take something in your hands and describe this subject. What is it in texture, touch, color, taste, smell. In short, move yourself from experience to reality. You can also just wash your hands or face and concentrate on the sensations of water.

Our psychological state has the ability to constantly change, especially in stressful conditions. And this must be approached with all responsibility, so as not to allow the enemy to break himself.