Project Description

For our regular guests, the hotel has a system of cumulative discounts.

To receive a discount card, a guest must receive accommodation services in the amount of:

5% (Silver) – from UAH 70,000;

10% (Gold) – from UAH 150,000;

15% (Platinum) – from UAH 250,000.

Silver discount cards provide a 5% discount on accommodation.

Gold discount cards provide a 10% discount on accommodation

Platinum discount cards provide a 15% discount on accommodation

VIP discount cards provide a 20% discount on accommodation


  1. For a cumulative total, all accommodation is summed up.
  2. The discount card gives the guest the right to receive a discount on accommodation in accordance with the card’s face value.
  3. The discount does not apply to bar, cinema, beauty salon, restaurant and other services.
  4. To receive a discount on accommodation, the discount card must be presented at check-in for identification in the program.
  5. Upon identification of one card, an unlimited number of rooms can be accommodated (even if guests live at the same time) with a discount on accommodation.
  6. Discount cards are not personalized, so your friends and relatives can use them. The medical service discount is valid only for the cardholder.
  7. Any other discounts from hotel promotions are not cumulative.
  8. Discount cards are not valid during the New Year season (from 25.12 to 12.01).
  9. Discount cards are not valid when booking rooms through the hotel website and other online booking sites, travel companies and other intermediary companies.

* The list of medical services covered by the discount of discount cards does not include:

  • Thai massage;
  • Oriental medicine procedures;
  • Consultations, procedures and examinations of narrow specialists;
  • Massage;
  • Dentist procedures.