Decor 19

Skhidnytsia and Truskavets are the two most popular resorts in Western Ukraine. People from different parts of Europe gather in both villages for recreation and health. At the same time, for those who are going on vacation for the first time, the choice can be quite difficult, since at first glance these resorts are no different.

What makes Skhidnytsia better than Truskavets and for whom a vacation in it will be the best choice?

What can Skhidnytsia offer?

This is a small settlement in a mountainous area, which is surrounded by beautiful nature and dense forests. The main attraction of Skhidnytsia is its mineral springs - there are more than 35 of them here. In contrast to Truskavets, people collect water directly from pumps (the water there flows through pipes, accordingly, losing some of its medicinal properties and being filled with unnecessary trace elements).
It is a very quiet and peaceful place, but local sanatoriums do not let their guests get bored. They offer European service and many opportunities to have a good time. Guests can visit spas and swimming pools, go on excursions, undergo treatment courses, and engage in active recreation.
There are no discos and nightclubs, a large selection of restaurants, crowds of tourists or shopping centers in Skhidnytsia. It is an ideal place for physical and psychological recovery.
Such centers as "Kievan Rus" also offer medical treatment. Programs include the use of mineral waters and a full range of traditional medicine services. If your plans include not only rest, but also health improvement, Skhidnytsia will be the best choice.

What makes Skhidnytsia better than Truskavets?

Let's highlight the main criteria:
1. The purest mineral water. If you have come to improve your health, the quality of mineral waters is in the first place. In Skhidnytsia, you collect water directly from the springs, which means its highest quality.
2. Silence and peace. If you are tired of the city noise and the tension of the last year does not give you the opportunity to relax, it is better to go away from the hustle and bustle and spend time in the most peaceful place. Skhidnytsia is an ideal option, because anyone who has been to Truskavets will not argue that this place is very active and quite noisy.
3. First-class hotels. European level hotel complexes operate in Skhidnytsia. You will receive first-class service and comfortable conditions.
4. Union with nature. If you want to spend time with maximum immersion in pristine nature, Skhidnytsia will be the best option.

Choosing a vacation spot depends on what you're looking for. If it is silence, pacification, recovery and the opportunity to maximally restore strength in comfortable conditions, Skhidnytsia will be the best choice.