This is an exciting walk at the height of a bird’s flight, filled with incomparable feelings and a lot of positive emotions. This is a dream that we will help make it a reality. Hot air ballooning in Skhidnytsia is an opportunity to rise into the sky in places of incredible beauty of the Skole Bezkids National Park in the valley of the river. Stryi, Carpathian Switzerland and feel all the majesty of the mountains.

This is the best gift for your loved ones, relatives and friends !!!


Riding powerful ATVs on the mountain slopes will add a dose of adrenaline to your vacation. The routes passing by the steep peaks of the Skolivskie Bezkids reserve, along the Stryi River, will leave pleasant impressions and positive emotions.

Extreme off-road driving

We offer exclusive off-road trips to the Carpathian mountain slopes, high rocks, local waterfalls, rivers. A rich vacation is waiting for you full of surprises with unforgettable emotions. Do not forget to take photos of the incredible, picturesque places of Carpathian Switzerland and the Skole Bezkids.


Birthday is a joyful event and the most anticipated day. We will help you in the festive decoration of the room, ordering a birthday cake, flowers, balloons …

We will do our best to make your holiday special and unforgettable.