Guests come from all over Europe to spend their holidays in Skhidnytsia and recuperate with healing water. There are about 38 mineral springs in our village.

“Andropovsky” is called the springs of mineral waters № 25 and 26, which are located nearby on the edge of the forest near the sanatorium “Green Bir”. This healing water is usually used to treat urological diseases. For example, water from a source № 25 is used for hepatitis, cholecystitis, in the postoperative period. Water from the source № 26 is prescribed for chronic kidney disease. The name of the source is connected with the name of the Soviet Secretary General Yu. Andropov, to whom this water was delivered daily to Moscow for treatment. It should be noted that Skhidnytsia is an amazing place to relax. Here you can improve your health, enjoy the stunning scenery of the Carpathians and the Ukrainian flavor. At any time of the year you will find something to your liking and will be enchanted by this mountain region.

It will be recalled that Kyivska Russ Resort Medical & Spa has its own pump room for mineral waters (9 springs), among which there are also 25-26!