Decor 19

Once again the siren sounds about the air alarm, and with horror announces the possible shelling. The 7th day of Russia's war against Ukraine is going on, and we are trying to resist aggression from the neighboring state. How to preserve emotional state and mental health during the war - we tell from the advice of psychologists.

  • Read the news no more than once an hour

Do not sit on the phone all the time. Read the news no more than once an hour, because the situation during this time will not change dramatically, and you can stay calm.

  • Information hygiene: trust official sources

You can monitor the situation from the main official sources of communication. This is best done in the Telegram channel: subscribe to Telegram from the PresidentPublic NewsUNIANUkrinformState Special CommunicationsSES of Ukraine and other Ukrainian media in search.

  • Support the Armed Forces of Ukraine
  • Keep calm

We understand that it is very difficult to remain calm in conditions of war, but you must do something. Remember the words of the famous psychologist Carnegie: Be busy! This is the cheapest medicine on earth - and one of the most effective!

  • Take care of someone

Today, almost everyone in Ukraine has become a volunteer: restaurants prepare lunches for the defense, women and youth weave camouflage nets, collect food, medicine, necessities.

  • Be physically active

Do the usual things: cook, clean the house, put things in the closet, wash dishes, clean the garden or backyard. Physical activity should be daily, it distracts from negative thoughts.

  • Read fairy tales to children

A fairy tale is the best therapy and soothing for a child. Read books, discuss stories, analyze instructive parables. If you do not have the strength to read, listen to audio tales in the Telegram.

  • Hug family and friends

Remember that money does not buy the best things. And among them: hugs, smiles, support, warm calls with the question "How are you?", Moral support.

  • Solve problems as you arrive

Experience troubles only as they come. You do not need to think, fantasize, go through in your head different options for the development of the event. Such thoughts will definitely not serve emotional stability. If you decide not to evacuate, take care of the safety of relatives during the "Air Alarm".

Take care of yourself and your family! Everything will be Ukraine!